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To view notifications click the bell icon.

The Notifications tab is a global feed for all notices that you have created or are subscribed to. By default, the page will display one week. To view a longer period click Load More. You must be subscribed to email, daily digest or SMS notifications for this page to populate with notices.

The Manage tab shows all organizations and devices that you are a member of. You can toggle notifications on/off for individual devices. For example, you may want to toggle notifications off for a device that is not in use.

By default, notifications are on for all devices. The toggles on this page are unique per user account. This means if user A wants notifications from device_1, but user B does not, user B can toggle notifications off for device_1 without impacting user A.

A summary of the most recent device status is displayed. If the server has yet to receive any data from the device the status is unknown.

You can go directly to the organization members page to manage user notification preferences

Subscribing to receive email, SMS text, or Daily Digest notifications on the System Status tab will send a notification when there is a sensor error or low battery (<10%).

Subscribing to receive email, SMS text, or Daily Digest notifications on the Report Status tab will send a notification when measurements are outside defined target ranges on the dashboard. See the Chart Target Range and the Enable Chart Status guides for more information.

To receive SMS texts you must first enter and verify your phone number. Select your country code, then enter your phone number and click verify.

You can enter more than one phone number per user.

A verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code in the verify number field and click verify.

Example of Daily Digest email:

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