Enable all LTE-M Cellular Bands in Europe for 4G

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This article details how to enable all LTE-M bands in Europe for 4G modems.

Applies to ZL6 and ATMOS 41W data loggers equipped with a 4G LTE-M cellular modem and a METER-supplied H-1 SIM card. Does not apply to data loggers with a 3G cellular modem.

It has come to METER's attention that the default configuration of this cellular hardware excludes using some of the cellular bands in use with European carriers. This misconfiguration prevents cellular connectivity in some cases. These instructions change the module configuration to enable all LTE-M cellular bands.

Configure the modem

  1. Connecting to the logger via Bluetooth or USB cable (Laptop). Use ZENTRA Utility to access the terminal command prompt.  This opens a dialog box showing the serial commands sent between the ZL6 and ZENTRA Utility.
    1. ZENTRA Utility Mobile: Go to More [ 3 dots ]> 'Device tools' > 'Terminal'
    2. ZENTRA Utility desktop: go to 'Terminal'> 'Show Terminal'
  2. Type the following command in the command box: set profile 201 
  3. Press Enter. You should see this command and the response from the logger show up in the window above the command box. Make sure the logger sent "OK". If you see “ERROR”, make sure you’ve typed the command correctly.
  4. Verify the Logger has taken the command by typing get profilethe response should be 201 
  5. Exit out of the terminal command prompt and go to the main page of ZENTRA Utility.
  6. Run a Communications test
  7. Once the test passes, return to the terminal command prompt
  8. Verify the Logger has taken the command by typing get profile the response should be 201
  9. If the Profile is not 201, go back to step 2.
  10. Once the profile is verified you may disconnect.

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