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Standard Cellular and Wifi Plan
Collect and view data remotely. 60-minute upload on cellular ZL6, 15-minute upload on cellular ATMOS 41W, and unrestricted upload on Wifi. Includes; custom charts, environmental models, notifications, a mobile app, and API access for 12 months.

15-Minute Data Cellular Upload Plan
Be more productive with near real-time. 15-minute upload on cellular ZL6 and 5-minute upload on cellular ATMOS 41W. Includes; custom charts, environmental models, notifications, a mobile app, and API access for 12 months.

Cellular Upgrade Plan
Take it to the next level. Upgrade your ZL6 cellular plan from a 60-minute upload to a 15-minute upload interval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does my subscription cycle start?
A: The subscription cycle starts when a pass is applied to a device.

Q: What is the subscription cycle?
A: The subscription is valid for 12 months from the date the pass is applied to a device.

Q: If I redeem a voucher code, does that start my subscription cycle?
A: No. Voucher code credits can be redeemed to a ZENTRA organization for use at a later date. The subscription cycle starts after the credit(pass) is applied to a specific device.

Q: Do I have to redeem all of the passes on the voucher code?
A: No. You can redeem a portion of the passes. To redeem the remaining passes simply re-enter the voucher code or go to the historical tab and click the quantity remaining button.

Q: Can I pre-buy multiple years of subscriptions?
A: Yes. You can buy multiple of the 12-month pass type and apply them to a single device to extend the subscription out multiple years.

Q: My device was destroyed, can I transfer my 12-month pass to another device?
A: Yes. Contact environment support to have the remaining subscription period applied to another device.

Q: My device was not destroyed, but I want to use my remaining subscription period on another device.
A: You cannot transfer a subscription to another device once it has been attached. Only if the original device is destroyed/inoperable.

Q: Is the ZENTRA Cloud Plan Upgrade a 12 month subscription?
A: No. It follows the same start and end date of the standard plan it is paired with. This means if you upgrade your standard plan partway through the subscription cycle, the upgrade cost is the same.

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