Monitor Device Battery Level

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Configure a custom chart to monitor device battery level and to receive email notifications when the percentage drops below a set threshold.

Monitoring battery level with a custom chart is only available for ZL6 and EM60G devices.


  1. Create a new custom chart.

  1. Enter a name for the chart. Example: Battery Level.

  1. Select the desired devices.

  1. Select "Battery Percent" from the measurements drop-down.

  1. Click Create to save the chart.

  1. Open the Target Ranges modal.

  1. Enter values for the ok battery level range and select a color. Example: 20 Lower, 100 Upper.
  2. Enter values for the low battery level range and select a color. Example: 0 Lower, 20 Upper.
  3. Toggle the Report Status on for the ok range.
  4. Toggle the individual battery traces on for the ok range.
  5. Click Accept to save the changes.

  1. Click the Bell icon to open notification settings.

  1. Toggle notifications on for the desired organization.

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