Communications Board and SIM Card Replacement

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This article details how to change and configure the modem for a ZL6.

​If you need SIM swap instructions for an EM50G. Contact

Available communication methods for the ZL6 and ATMOS 41W:

  • Cellular
  • Wifi

Cellular Modem Configuration

LTE-M or Cat-1 Modem instructions.

Cellular to Cellular modem Configuration

Wi-Fi to Cellular modem configuration

United States [ONLY] Instructions

Wi-Fi Modem Configuration

Cellular to Wi-Fi modem configuration

Wi-Fi to Cellular modem configuration

Not Sure what Replacement modem you received?

1. what does your new modem look like?

2. Does your replacement need a SIM card?

- Yes- This is a cellular Modem. Please reference [here]

- NO- This is a Wi-Fi modem. Please reference [here]

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