API Troubleshoot

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When you encounter issues with an API request, please provide the details below so our team can help diagnose and resolve the problem.

Endpoint URL:

Share the specific URL or endpoint you are trying to access. This helps identify the API service you are interacting with.

Request Headers:

Include the headers you’re sending along with the request. Common headers include “Authorization,” and “Content-Type.”

Request Parameters:

Include the query parameters, such as the device serial number, start date, end date, page number, and readings per page.


Explain how you are authenticating with the API.

Error Messages:

If you received an error response, share the exact error message or status code.

Sample Request:

Provide a sample of the actual request you are making so we can run the same request to reproduce the problem. A small snippet of your code is usually sufficient.

Sample Response:

Provide a sample of the response. Describe the difference in the response that you were expecting.

Environment Details:

Mention the programming language, framework, and any relevant libraries you are using.

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