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The Downloads modal allows users to request CSV and Excel files of their device data. This article reviews how to use the downloads feature.

If you need RAW unprocessed water content values, be sure to select Uncalibrated Raw Sensor Output prior to requesting a download. See Set Measurement Unit Preferences. RAW unprocessed water content data is useful when you want to apply a soil-specific calibration. Read more about soil-specific calibrations here.

Steps to download data

  • Click the Download icon from the main menu or on any device on the Map, List or Detail pages.
  • Select the desired filetype (Excel or CSV).
  • Select the desired device(s). Click All to select all of the devices in the dropdown.
  • Choose a download period: All, 7 Days, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months, Custom Range or Since Last Download.
  • Click Request Data.
  • Wait for the Creating File message to be replaced with Your file is ready!
  • Click the Download button to download the file to your computer.

The file type option is limited to CSV when choosing All for the download period.
You can close the Downloads Modal while your file is being created. A popup will notify you when the file is ready. You can download the file from the popup or return to the Downloads Modal to download your file.
System-level formats can be changed by typing intl.cpl into the Windows search bar to bring up the Region settings.


Preferences allow users to specify the format of the timestamp in the file download.

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