Wi-Fi Modem Install

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This article details how to install and configure a wifi modem in the ZL6 data logger.

Printed instruction PDF found HERE

Quickstart for Wi-Fi ZL6 found HERE


  1. Unscrew the PCB of the ZL6. Carefully tilt the PCB up and forward to expose the back of the PCB while also leaving the antenna cable connected to the cellular module. Un-attach the antenna connector from the cellular module.
  2. Place the wooden stick (included) under the communication board. Use the wooden stick to carefully pry the board off the white pegs that hold it on the main board. Place fingers on the outer edge of the board and lift up and off the remaining pegs.
  3. Position the new board over the main board and line the upper mounting holes up with the white pegs. Align the 24-pin connector to ensure none of the pins are bent. Press straight down on the board until the 24-pin connectors mate and both pegs audibly click into place.
  4. Carefully lift the main board up and rotate over so batteries are visible. Align the board over the mounting posts. Replace the screws. Replace the removed battery. Place new certification label on the inside of the ZL6 case.
  5. In ZENTRA Utility Mobile, Connect to your logger.
  6. Once connected, choose "Show Terminal" from the Window menu. This opens a dialog box showing the serial commands sent between the ZL6 and ZENTRA Utility Mobile.
  7. Type the following command in the command box: set trait 4
  8. Type (or copy-n-paste) the command just as it is written above. Press Enter. You should see this command and the response from the logger show up in the window above the command box. Make sure the logger sent "OK". If you see “ERROR”, make sure you’ve typed the command correctly.
  9. Verify the Logger has taken the command by typing get trait the response should be 4
  10. On the main connection screen of ZENTRA Utility Mobile tap Configure on the main screen. Use the Configure Wi-Fi Network feature of ZENTRA Utility Mobile to connect the ZL6 to the preferred Wi-Fi network.
  11. Perform a Cellular Connection Test to verify connectivity.

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