Push API

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Use the push service to send measurement data to a web application. Subscribe specific devices to each endpoint.

New endpoint:
  • Select API.
  • Click the Endpoints tab.
  • Click the + Add Endpoint button.
  • Enter a URL. The URL must be prepended with "http://", "https://" or "//" to be valid.
  • Enter a header key and header value. The header value cannot be empty.
  • Click Save.

Subscribe devices
  • Click the Edit button to the right of the number of Subscribed Devices.
  • Select the desired device(s) by turning the toggle on (blue toggle).
  • Click Save.
Limit of two endpoints per device.
Only the user who created the endpoint can edit the URL or the headers.

Test endpoint

Send a test packet or view an example payload. Must have at least one subscribed device.

Disabled endpoint

If the endpoint has a connection failure (i.e client-server is down, typo in the URL) the endpoint will be disabled after 5 concurrent failures. An email will be sent to notify the user of the connection failure.

Example: in-app notice of connection failure.

Example: in-app notice of connection failure.

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