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Q: How do I use ZENTRA Cloud?
A: Take a look at the Getting Started guide. This will give you an introduction on how to sign-up for an account, create your first organization, add a device.
Q: Data in the graphs is not updating on the dashboard or detail page.
A: Try clearing the cache on your browser. Instructions for clearing the cache on all browser types is available here https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/
Q: What are the subscription dates for ZENTRA Cloud?
A: The subscription cycle is 365 days, and starts on the date the subscription is applied to a device.
Q: How do I redeem a Voucher?
A: See our guide here on how to redeem a voucher code.
Q: How do I change my unit preferences?
A: Click the wrench icon, and then Measurement Units. See the full guide here.
Q: How do I add colleagues to my organization?
A: Click the User icon, and then Invite User. See the full guide here.
Q: How can I reset my password?
A: On the login page, click the “Forgot Password” link. Or, on the My Profile page under the Security tab click "Change Password". See the Lost Password guide, or the Change Password guide.
Q: We are concerned about confidentiality.
A: All information collected by the system is encrypted. If you have further security questions please contact METER Group support.
Q: What is the ZENTRA Cloud hierarchy?
Organization = Group (e.g., Meter Group, University, Department). Site = Large area (e.g., Site 1 is on the East side of campus property). Plot = Smaller precise area (e.g., Experiment 1, Experiment 2)
Q: Are the values you see on ZENTRA Cloud the instantaneous readings or an average?
A: Data stored in the ZL6 and on ZENTRA Cloud are the average of the set measurement interval on the logger, except in the case of flow or precipitation measurements which are an accumulated value over the measurement interval.
Q: Can I upload data faster than 1x per hour?
A: We do offer a "15-Minute" plan that allows uploads every 15 minutes or 4x per hour. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
Q: Can I receive text notifications?
A: You can subscribe to email or SMS notifications. See the Manage Notifications guide here.
Q: Does ZENTRA Cloud have an API (application programming interface)?
A: It is recommended that clients use version 3.0 of the ZENTRA Cloud API. See documentation here. ZENTRA also includes a Push API service.
Q: Where can I find my API Token ID?
A: API Token IDs can be found here.
Q: What is the power noise filter configuration used for?
A: The Power Noise Frequency is used to eliminate electrical noise that comes from an AC power distribution system. In North America and most of Asia, the frequency of the power cycle is 60 Hz. In most of Europe, it is 50 Hz.
Q: My sensor is reporting an error message instead of a value?
A: Many digital sensors can report additional status information when there is an issue. See the Sensor Error Codes guide for more information.

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