Create Custom Charts

Updated by Travis Bates

Custom charts can display data from one or more devices and are a great way to view or download data with one click.

Create a Custom Chart

  • From the dashboard click the Add Customized Chart icon.
  • Name the chart.
  • Select the desired device(s).
  • Select the desired measurement(s).
  • Click Create.

Edit A Custom Chart

  • Click the Edit Chart icon.
  • Edit the trace name and colors as desired.
  • Click Update to save the changes.

Add an Environmental Model to a Custom Chart

Add previously saved environmental models to any custom chart. See CREATE AN ENVIRONMENTAL MODEL.

  • Click the edit chart icon.
  • Click the Add Trace arrow icon.
  • Open the measurements drop-down.
  • Scroll to the environmental model section near the bottom.
  • Select from a list of previously created models.
  • Click Update to save the changes.

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