Set Measurement Unit Preferences

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A note about soil electrical conductivity outputs. Saturation extract EC and Pore Water EC are models that result in fair accuracy (+/- 20%) in soils with high water content (above 25% VWC). Use of either of these model outputs is not recommended when soil water content is below 15% VWC. When water content is low use Bulk EC instead.
Bulk EC is the electrical conductivity of the bulk soil (soil, water, and air). Saturation extract EC tells exactly how much salt is in the soil. Pore Water EC is the electrical conductivity of the water in the soil pores. For more information visit our complete guide on soil electrical conductivity.
Measurement unit preferences are per user.

Unit preferences
  • Select the wrench icon.
  • Select Measurement Units.
  • Select your preferred units.
  • Click Accept to save.

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