Timezone Override

Updated by Travis Bates

The timezone override controls how measurement data is displayed in charts and data tables.

Overriding the timezone in ZENTRA Cloud does not change what timezone data is stored in locally on the device.

Override Timezone

  • From the device page select the GPS Location tab.
  • Click Edit Location.
  • Toggle the Device Timezone Override to on (toggle will turn blue).
  • Search and select the desired timezone from the drop-down menu. The text of the selected option will turn blue.
  • Click Update to apply the new timezone.

All data collected by the device will update to the new timezone in ZENTRA Cloud.
Because the EM50G reports data in local time, the timezone override converts to UTC using the device's reported timezone. The ZL6 and ATMOS 41 reports data in UTC and therefore does not need to convert from the device timezone.

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