Re-provision ZL6 to European Server

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Client Reference Guide 

To fully re-provision a device to the European server there are two required changes that must be made:

  1. The ZL6 device host server must be pointed toward
  2. The ZL6 device serial number and credentials must be provisioned (added) to the European server

The ZENTRA Cloud Software Development Team can remotely complete both step one and step two for devices that are actively communicating with the cellular network and talking to the US server. 

In situations where the device is not talking to the US server, the client must complete step one by manually updating the ZL6 device host server to The host server can be manually configured at the device with ZENTRA Utility. The process for manually completing step one is outlined below. 

Steps to re-provision a ZL6, ZL6 Pro, or ZL6 Basic

  1. Note the logger serial number(s) so you can email them to support.
  2. Ensure that all six batteries are installed and that the logger is powered on (the light above the battery pack will blink intermittently).
  3. Connect to the logger using ZENTRA Utility. (desktop or mobile utility).
  4. Open the Terminal:

On desktop click Terminal from the top menu and select Show Terminal.

On mobile tap the More menu and select Terminal.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the window and enter the following command:
    1. set server
    2. Tap Enter (Send on mobile).

  2. Verify that the new host server name is saved to the device by typing the following command:
    1. get server
    2. Tap Enter (Send on mobile).

  1. If the host server name saved successfully the logger will return the URL:

  2. If it did not save successfully it will return the previous server name ( or
  3. Disconnect from the logger.

Communicate with support to confirm that step two (serial number and device credentials provisioned on the EU server) was completed. Any cellular communication tests at this stage will fail until the device credentials have been added to the European server by the ZENTRA Team.

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