Chill Hours

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The chill hours modified model specifies that the number of hours between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C to 7.2°C), accumulate as chill hours. 


CHt = ∑ T7.2, with T7.2 = { 0°C < T < 7.2°C: 1, else: 0. }

METER Sensors that support chill hours:

Chill Hours

  • Click the environmental model icon.
  • Select Modified Chill Hours.
  • Enter a name for the model and a name for the chart.
  • The Maximum and Minimum temperature ranges will auto-populate with 7.2 °C and 0 °C.
  • A default air temperature measurement will be selected. Select a different measurement if desired.
  • Optional: Enter the target accumulated chill hours for the crop type.
  • Click Create.

Accumulated Chill Hours

  • Click the Vertical Ellipse icon.
  • Select Stats.
  • Toggle the desired measurements.
  • Click Accept.

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