June 27th incident Report [RESOLVED]

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This article details incident logs impacting network connectivity for June 2024.

Connectivity Interruption on some SIM card Partners

Incident Report

Update: June 29th - 12:52 UTC

METER Group connected devices should be running normally at this time. If you are seeing connection issues please reach out to support.envoronment@metergroup.com

Update: June 28th - 15:17 UTC

We're still monitoring progress, this issue is impacting roaming capabilities of local carriers across the region which means it's affecting all roaming sim cards (not just the range mentioned previously). Most MVNOs and MNOs on the region are affected.

Update: June 28th - 13:21 UTC

We're still monitoring the issue with connectivity and data transmissions affecting multiple network and operators in the areas of South and North America.

It was caused by an IPX Failure on one of the larger IPX providers for the region, which continues to take actions to resolve the issue.

We've been seeing continuous improvements and increased stability, but devices may still experience delays in establishing connections and SMS.

Update: June 27th - 22:53 UTC

Improvement has been seen widely across the network, links seems to be stable, but it will still take some time to get the signal KPIs back to normal.

Identified: June 27th - 20:13 UTC

Syneverse is having major problems throughout North and South America, affecting a large number of MNOs/MVNOs that use their services in the region.

We're still monitoring and will update soon.

Investigating: June 27th - 15:41 UTC

In some locations of North and South America, we are seeing an issue with a network partner causing some SIM cards on the 8944* ICCID range to be unable to pass data on the network.

The issue has been escalated and we are investigating along with our partner. We will post updates here as we learn more.

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